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Our job is to provide the best loads in the market for every Driver.

Our teams of experts ensure that Drivers of every region and state in the country have high quality and best-paying loads.

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"Their communication with the brokers is always up to the mark. Also they stay in constant contact with you while you are on a load Always available in after hour as well. I had problems with some loads in after hours and I was always assisted on time by their agents."
Mary Evans
"Good Service. They always prebook. Make a good plan for the week with good paying easy loads Always help me whenever I face any sort of issue while on a load. "
Linda smith
"They have a good team of dispatchers who know how to perform their job. They always give good paying load options even if the market is down and easy loads most of the times one and one. Other than that they have made me set up with a lot of good companies so even if market gets down they provide good options with their contacts."
"I have worked with two dispatchers in the company. Both of them did their job great. I was shifted after one year to the other dispatcher, and to my surprise he had almost the same skills and training like my first dispatcher with whom I worked for one year and was satisfied completely. They take care of each and everything and make you drive with peace."
robert parl


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Gain Bar Gains Dispatch Company

Not many people have the drive it takes to start a trucking or transport business and maintain it through the good times and bad. This sector can seem like a thankless place, where regulations and industry rules require endless paperwork and you are left to negotiate load rates with shippers and other clients. Sometimes, the necessary administrative tasks seem only to keep you away from the activity at the heart of your business: transporting cargo and freight to wherever it needs to be, safely and on time. Sure, there are dispatch services for owner operators. But many logistic trucking businesses are wary about what strings may be attached, based on negative past experiences and word of mouth. 

Enter Gain Bargains Dispatch. We came into the fray in 2015 with one purpose: to provide a dispatch service that puts more money in clients’ pockets and helps grow their businesses. If there’s anything missing, it’s the lip service some dispatch services are content to give.

Not Just Another Dispatch Company

The trucking dispatch service we offer is comprehensive and backed by years of industry experience and expertise. We don’t just see ourselves as a truck dispatching company, but as dispatch customer service. This means that our number one priority is to provide the best client care. Our role as truck support is one we take very seriously. When we search for loads, we use all the resources available to us – which, in many cases, include search platforms not available to just anyone – and we fiercely negotiate for the highest prices per load. We go that extra mile because our clients work hard and we want them to see more profit with the loads we find. 

An Honest, Reliable Service

When dispatch companies compete with one another, they often promise prospective clients out-of-this-world sorts of things, and their clients end up with unrealistic expectations. Then, when they can’t deliver, their clients suffer. At Logity Dispatch, we treat our clients the way we expect to be treated: with respect, integrity, and honesty. We don’t see a need for sugarcoating. We know our clients are able business people who need accurate information to make smart, informed decisions. Our clients are less interested in artificially feeling better and more focused on their businesses doing better. We are here to help you move ahead, not to hold your hand.

Services with the Freedom to Choose

One of the fears many clients have relayed to us is the fear of being bound to their freight dispatch service and not being able to refuse loads that aren’t right for them. At Gain Bargains, we give clients the autonomy – they never have to worry about being stuck with a load they don’t want. We are never going to force anyone to take any particular load, period. After all, our clients are not here to serve us; we are here to serve them. It’s part of our proud commitment and serious dedication to putting our clients and the well-being of their businesses first.

Putting the ‘Service’ in Dispatch Service

Gain Bargains Dispatch provides clients with the most comprehensive dispatch support services. We negotiate load rates, complete all necessary paperwork, help maintain DoT and safety compliance, contact and liaise with shippers, and much more. We also know that some businesses need more support than others, and we are happy to assist at whatever stage your business is. That’s why you can take advantage of all our different services or pick and choose what you need. Some clients just want our high-quality documentation service. Others put everything but the driving in our capable hands. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive auto transport dispatch service or want a car hauling dispatch service more catered towards your individual preferences, we are here to make it work.

A Company More Cost-Effective than In-House

Many trucking and transport companies want to hire in-house dispatchers under the assumption that this will be more cost-effective than hiring an outside dispatch service. In many cases, however, it is actually better for the bottom line to partner up with an experienced truck dispatching company. For one, you wouldn’t have to shell out for a venue for your dispatchers – and, nowadays, office rentals are expensive. Clients have actually found that going with a trusted dispatch service is even more cost-effective than hiring a single in-house full-time dispatcher! Secondly, in order to find in-house dispatchers with the proficiency and acuity we offer at Gain Bargains Dispatch, you would have to run a serious talent recruitment campaign to find qualified and competent personnel. This means expending time and resources – things you should be dedicating to your core operations. 

Industry Advantage in Your Customer Service

It is time for your business to thrive. Resolve to streamline the way you run your operations. Don’t work harder – work smarter. Work better. That is the key to growing your business. As for Gain Bargains Dispatch, we are here to deal with the distractions – paperwork, negotiations, compliance, communications, logistics, and more – that keep you from doing what you do best: driving and delivering safely and on time. Imagine having the freedom to focus on what you want to and not being bogged down by the administrative and tedious requirements expected in this industry – and not being bound to loads if you do not feel that they are right for you. Providing our clients the service they need – and not forcing anyone to use services they don’t feel they need – is what we have been doing since our inception in 2015.

Want to find out more about our streamlined processes and high level of professionalism and customer care? Contact us with your questions or tell us about your operations and where you want your business to be. We would be delighted to show you how Gain Bargains can help you meet your business goals and keep more of your hard-earned money.