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Factoring Services for Trucking Companies

It’s challenging enough operating a business — especially a small one or if you’re just starting out — and maintaining a reliable, steady cash flow can mean the difference between sinking or swimming. Unpaid invoices throw a huge wrench into the works, especially if you depend on the incoming funds for payroll or rent. That’s why Gain Bargains Dispatch has teamed up with Triumph Business Capital to provide our clients with factoring services that can make all the difference in the way they do business.

Why You Should Consider a Truck Factoring Service

Truck factoring — also known as freight factoring — allows carriers and owner-operators to turn unpaid invoices into cash. Essentially, a third-party factoring company for trucking will effectively buy those outstanding accounts receivable at an advance rate of usually 80% to 90% of the value and then collect on those unpaid invoices themselves. Factoring in the trucking industry means someone else takes the risk of non-payment. For many trucking companies, even getting a discounted amount for invoices is well worth getting the factoring services for trucking companies since they have immediate funds with which they can pay overhead costs or even take on additional work to make more money.

The Benefits of Factoring for Trucking Companies

We’ve touched on a few of the benefits of factoring for a trucking company, but let’s break these down in more detail. It’s not unusual for drivers to feel a little reluctant to part with a portion of their profits, and this is a necessary fact of working with a factoring service for the trucking industry. However, the small amount of lost profit can actually lead to serious advantages for businesses and drivers and can even see you increasing your profits over the long term.

There can often be a lag between taking on a job and then getting paid for it. While this is not always a problem — for example, while business is good and while company revenue is high — it can cause serious disadvantages for drivers in leaner times. It’s also not fair, as the truck driver has held up their end of the deal and has still not been paid.

With factoring, there is no such concern. Money is paid upfront by the third-party factoring company, and the truck driver receives their capital up swiftly and without delay.

Forecasting and projecting for the future can be difficult for truck drivers. Even when orders are coming in, it is likely that many of the payments on these orders will be delayed, meaning that drivers cannot predict precisely when they will receive the money that is owed to them. This is a major issue, particularly when it comes to securing loans or investment for business growth projects. To put it simply, a lack of reliability makes it hard for truck drivers and owner-operators to grow their business in the way they’d like.

With a truck factoring service, this uncertainty is removed. When taking on factored orders and jobs, drivers are securing a reliable stream of income. They can then use this reliable income stream to prove their annual revenue, which makes it easier to attract investors, qualify for loans, and expand the scope and capability of the business.

Some drivers may not like the idea of accepting a factored order. After all, when accepting this kind of order, the driver can only expect to receive around 80% or 90% of the total cost of the order, which may seem unfair as it is the driver who is doing the actual driving. However, the idea of factoring services for a trucking company or driver is that they accept this discounted rate so that they can connect with a more reliable payment.

This gives you flexibility as a truck driver or owner-operator. You can accept factored orders that provide you with a baseline of income — a regular stream of revenue that you can put your faith in. Then, you can enhance this revenue by taking on other orders at full payment. As your situation changes and you become more or less risk-averse, you may decide to shift the ratio one way or another — the choice is yours, thanks to this increased flexibility.

An unreliable payment schedule is one thing, but the risk of not getting paid at all is an even more serious concern for truck drivers. Disputes with clients, unscrupulous customers, and a whole host of other factors can contribute to the risk of non-payment. For small trucking businesses or for truck driver owner-operators, this can be catastrophic. Too many businesses have run into serious trouble because they cannot secure the payments they are entitled to.

This is obviously a major benefit for truck drivers. With a truck factoring service, the risk of non-payment is taken on by someone else. You do not need to worry about receiving the money due to you, and you can focus on other — more positive — aspects of running your business.

The general process you encounter with trucking factoring is as follows:

Other Considerations for Truck Factoring Services

Your agreement for truck factoring services can be a recourse agreement or a non-recourse agreement. If you have a recourse agreement and your customers do NOT pay their invoices, you are required to buy them back. The trucking factoring company may even charge additional fees. If you have a non-recourse agreement, once the factoring company is assigned the unpaid invoices, they belong to the factoring company. If the clients don’t pay, it is no longer your problem. As a consequence, the rates charged by factoring companies tend to be higher for non-recourse agreements.

Factoring for Trucking: Pros and Cons

As with any important business decision, whether you decide to use a truck factoring service depends on your business model, scale of operations, and how much risk you want to assume.

Some of the pros of truck factoring include:

Some of the cons of hiring a trucking factoring company include:

Why Choose Gain Bargains Dispatch’s Factoring Services for Your Trucking Company

There are many factors that lead drivers to choose Gain Bargains Dispatch and the factoring services we offer to our customers. We’ve compiled a few of the most important factors for you to help you make your choice and learn more about what makes us the best in the business.

Here at Gain Bargains Dispatch, we have always been all about our clients and their profits. We help our clients get the very best from truck factoring services and enjoy the benefits that these services offer. You can rely on us to put you first.

We already have a large number of clients who come to us for truck factoring services. These clients are making the most of the potential that freight factoring offers and are bolstering their businesses, improving flexibility, and planning for the future in the process. We invite you to join this growing family.

You need to know that you are working with a team that really understands your field, your industry, and what you do. Here at Gain Bargains Dispatch, we are proud to be that team. We know this industry inside out, and we are also experts when it comes to factoring and helping our clients get the best from this. You can trust us to be on your side and in your corner.

We are proud to be working alongside Triumph Business Capital. Triumph gives us the means required to offer highly effective trucking factoring services to our clients and to connect these clients with all kinds of advantages. Together with our partners at Triumph Business Capital, we are the factoring company that truck drivers can rely on — we are committed to helping you and your business achieve more when you are out on the road.

The best services are always backed up by the best support. We are serious about this at Gain Bargains Dispatch, and we are always on hand to provide guidance and assistance and answer any questions you might have regarding our service. You can reach out to us at any time, and we will be there for you.

Learn More About Our Truck Factoring Services or Get Started Today

For many trucking companies, the ability to retain factoring services helps keep them in business and maintain a healthy cash flow so their businesses can grow. Since Gain Bargains Dispatch is all about helping owner-operators make and keep more money, we have partnered with Triumph Business Capital, which can provide the factoring services you need to get ahead.

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